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Dead Kennedy’s ‘International’ punk event at the Olympic Auditorium, 1984
05:27 pm


Dead Kennedys

Incendiary pro-shot Dead Kennedys set from the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, 1984. This was the infamous “International Event” concert held on August 10th that ended in a riot (like many hardcore shows in Los Angeles did at that time, especially ones held at the Olympic, once a boxing arena, now a church). Note that tickets were just $7.50!

Also on the bill: Italy’s Raw Power, BGK from the UK, Finnish hardcore group Riistetyt, Mexico’s Solución Mortal and Reagan Youth. Dig Biafra’s boss Carl Jr.‘s tee-shirt.

Reagan Youth’s fantastic set that night:

Raw Power:

BGK performing “Arm’s Race”

Posted by Richard Metzger



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