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Dead media: Skeleton sculptures made from cassette tapes
11:00 am


Dead media: Skeleton sculptures made from cassette tapes

Artist Brian Dettmer‘s sculptures are made from what he calls “antiquated media.” He’s most famous for his pieces constructed from meticulously sliced up books. The sculptures are created with surgical precision (and they’re pretty damned impressive), but it’s his skeletal work made from audio cassettes that most intrigues me. Both series are based on communicative media, its original value destroyed for repurposing as an artistic medium. I think it’s the passé modernity of the cassettes that I really love.

Books are obviously still around, but cassette technology isn’t even that old, yet it’s been largely retired outside of boutique music labels and niche collectors. It’s compelling to see representational art evoking both death and decay, made from something so simultaneously contemporary but irrelevant. 






Via Juxtapoz

Posted by Amber Frost
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