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‘Deep Throat’ XXX porn actor Harry Reems has died
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Harry Reems
Deep Throat
‘Deep Throat’ XXX porn actor Harry Reems has died

As announced by his close friend, Don Schenk, the well-known 70s porn actor and successful real estate broker Harry Reems (real name Herbert Streicher)  passed away yesterday afternoon, March 19, at the Salt Lake City V.A. Hospital.  He was 65.

Harry Reems came to pop culture notoriety as the male star of Gerard Damiano’s Deep Throat, the 1973 porno film that is the biggest XXX money earner of all time. Reems co-starred as the manic doctor who discovers that Linda Lovelace’s clitoris was located in her throat. He was the only actor ever tried and convicted of pandering obscenity for being in a porno movie.

By the 1980s, Reems had become a serious alcoholic and ended up homeless on the streets of Los Angeles, before turning his life around and becoming a very successful real estate broker in Park City Utah. He married his wife of 22 years, Jeannie, in 1991.

Reems appeared, as himself, in the 2005 documentary, Inside Deep Throat.

Via Don Schenk:

A few years ago Harry’s health began to deteriorate due to peripheral neuropathy and emphysema, forcing him to retired from real estate. This past summer he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which the doctors discovered during a routine test for something else, and Harry went through months of chemo and radiation treatments.

On March 5th, Harry entered the VA Hospital due to jaundice. His liver was failing. Next his kidneys began to fail as his body started to shut down. My wife and I have been driving from Park City down to the Salt Lake City VA Hospital to visit with Harry and Jeannie every afternoon.

Harry slipped into a coma 4 days ago, and passed this afternoon.

Harry went from living a bizarre lifestyle, through a 180 degree, almost miraculous change to find a Higher Power he called God, and become a truly nice guy who cared for others, and helped a lot of people in Park City, UT.

Below, Al Goldstein interviews Harry Reems on Midnight Blue, 1982.

Thank you Steven Otero!

Posted by Richard Metzger
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