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Dental Floss Tycoon: Frank Zappa’s PSAs for the American Dental Association
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Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa Week

Strange, but true, in the early 80s, Frank Zappa joined showbiz celebs like Nipsey Russell, Scatman Crothers, Erik Estrada, Henny Youngman, and One Day at a Time mom, Bonnie Franklin, to record radio PSAs for the American Dental Association. The spots admonished kids to brush, floss and go for regular dental check-ups. Here are three of them: “Dental Floss Tycoon,” “Trick Or Treat” and “Keep Your Teeth.”

If you haven’t heard yet, Universal Music Group is re-releasing the entire Frank Zappa oeuvre and the first dozen of his 60s and early 70s albums—everything from 1966’s Freak Out! to the 1972 live set, Just Another Band From L.A.—are already out.

You can get more information and updates on the Frank Zappa remasters by following Jeff Newelt’s Twitter feed.

Thank you Wilson Smith!

Posted by Richard Metzger
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