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DIY Homemade Absinthe
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English Russia has a DIY recipe for the “Green Goddess.” Apparently it’s the real deal—not the absinthe-in-name-only stuff you can buy at a liquor store. I remember drinking some absinthe once, but to be honest I didn’t experience the decadent Baudelaire-style head trip I was promised. Maybe it was because I wasn’t drinking this hooch?

Stage One. Infusion.
Ingredients: Alcohol 80% and herbs (the most common bought in the chemist’s, in grams per 1 liter of alcohol):

Wormwood: 100 g
Fennel (fruit): 50 g
Anise: 50 g
Mint: 15 g
Melissa: 8 g
Chamomile: 3 g
Cumin: 10 g
Angelica: 10 g

It would be nice to add 5-10 g of hyssop, but it is difficult to find. The substance should be kept in a dark place at room temperature for 7-15 days. You can certainly speed up the process, infusing the substance for 24 hours at a temperature of 40 C, but this will worsen the result.

The craft of making absinthe ain’t easy, there are a few more steps and ingredients involved—you can follow all of ‘em here.

(via Nerdcore)

Posted by Tara McGinley
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