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Dog Food: Little-known live Iggy Pop footage from 1979
12:30 pm


Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop performing “Dog Food,” “Real Cool Time” and “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell” at The Longhorn Saloon in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 20, 1979. From a program called Wild Tyme (where that vintage tattoo convention clip I posted earlier today also came from).

Some great interview footage with Iggy explaining why he HATES rock music (he’d rather buy drugs than records) and the self-financed New Values tour he was engaged in at the time. There’s also a record signing for fans.

This is primo Iggy. Only 68 views on YouTube? What’s that about?

Below, the actual handbill from the gig, a part of the Minnesota Historical Society’s collection:


Posted by Richard Metzger



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