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Earrings that look just like ears!
09:31 am


Earrings that look just like ears!

If you totally want to FREAK PEOPLE OUT—I mean, if that’s your goal—then might I suggest these earrings that look just like ears? Everyone will think you have extra ears. Quite a look!

The EARrings are made by artist and jeweler Nadja Buttendorf. What’s cool about these is they come in dozens of different skin tones so you can probably find a pair that will match your complexion perfectly. The EARrings are made of silicone.

And if having extra ears isn’t enough, Nadja also makes FINGERrings. At this point it’s probably pretty self explanatory what this might be, but it’s a ring that’s made to look like you have an extra finger. Again, it’s made of silicone.


I couldn’t find any prices on Nadja’s website. Perhaps these are prototypes and not for sale. I don’t know. You may want to contact her website to find out.

via Geekologie

Posted by Tara McGinley
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