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Excellent handmade Doctor Who chess set
01:26 pm


Doctor Who

For that special Whovian in your life: A handmade Doctor Who chess set by Emmi Visser.

In time for Christmas, this is a completely unique, highly detailed, high quality chess set inspired by Doctor Who. Every single one of the 32 pieces is handcrafted from scratch. Finally you will be able to have your own adventures in time and space! And when you have briefly set your interstellar quarrels aside, this set is sure to attract the attention of your visitors!

Only ONE set will be sold. I will NOT make another set! So this one is completely UNIQUE. (I did make a chess set last year featuring the tenth Doctor. This one features the eleventh Doctor.)

The chess set is for sale at Visser’s Etsy shop, priced at $949.00 + shipping. Damn, I wish I had the money for this.


Via Neatorama

Posted by Tara McGinley



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