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Exposed: The Kubrick-Illuminati Connection
05:39 pm


Stanley Kubrick
Robert Anton Wilson

Oh, those tricky subliminals—they’re everywhere!  Especially over on the YouTube site of 111TRUTH111 (if that really is his/her name).  The site attempts to rip the Masonic robes right off of not just Stanley Kubrick, but off other, to my knowledge, non-Masonic-types like Neo, James Bond, and, why not, Buzz Lightyear.  Didn’t spot the triangle imagery Kubrick seeded throughout Dr. Strangelove?  Well, you can see it all here.  Wanna play spot-the-Horus-eye in A Clockwork Orange?  Once again, 111TRUTH111’s got you covered (with some lovely accompaniment, of course, by Massive Attack and Radiohead).

But as George C. Scott‘s Buck Turgidson sighs in Strangelove, “The truth is not always a pleasant thing.”  Nor is it very graspable, either.  Like much of the Illuminati-related material out there, these clips suggest everything and explain nothing.  Where are you when we need you, RAW?!

RE: the top photo, bonus points for those of you who spotted the triangle formed by Kubrick!

Posted by Bradley Novicoff
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