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Fascist Theocracy: Frank Zappa on Christian fundamentalism, the GOP and tee-vee evangelists, 1988
03:52 pm


Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa talks with Charlie Rose on Newsnight in 1988 about Tipper Gore and the PMRC censorship battles, Christian fundamentalism and tee-vee evangelists.

Good old Pat Robertson—who ran for president in 1988 as a Republican, of course—comes in for particularly withering comments regarding his connection to the Iran-Contra scandal!

The entire Zappa catalog has gotten an extensive sonic make-over in 2012 from the Universal Music Group. In recent months there have been a dozen releases coming at you at a time (admittedly more than I have been able to process as yet) including Understanding America, a new politically themed compilation selected by the iconoclastic composer’s widow, Gail Zappa.

Posted by Richard Metzger



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