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Fragmented Alice: Artist Gail Potocki’s exploration of Alice in Wonderland and the passing of time
01:29 pm


Gail Potocki

A Collapse of World Lines

People of El Lay, if you happen to find yourself along Culver City’s “art walk” tonight, make sure to put Gail Potocki‘s “Fragmented Alice” show at Century Guild gallery on your list of “must see” exhibits.

“Fragmented Alice” is 21st century “Old Master” Potocki’s first public show in three years. The work utilizes the archetypes of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland mythology to explore the ways in which we experience the passing of time. 

“I have a large turn-of-the-century cabinet in my home devoted to Alice in Wonderland,” Potocki explains. “From the time I was a little girl, the story fascinated me, and as I got older I bought every Alice-related oddity I could find.  I have antique card games, old metal toys… I even found LSD paper from the 1960s with an Alice theme!”

The results of Potocki’s explorations are on display from August 17- September 21 at at the Century Guild gallery at 6150 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA. The opening is tonight at 7pm and exhibition hours are Thursday through Sunday, noon-8pm.

I Wonder if I’ve Been Changed in the Night

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