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Fripp and Eno: The Heavenly Music Corporation
03:20 pm



As it happens, in the wake of our little Eno-fest yesterday, doomandgloomfromthetomb is hosting the old double vinyl bootleg classic “Air Structures”; Robert Fripp and Brian Eno’s performance at the Olympia in Paris on May 28th, 1975. As far as I know this was the only tour ever undertaken by the two. Sure would be good if they attempted something like this again on stage some day. Here’s a funny anecdote relating to another stop on the same tour via Frippertronics:

The whole gig had it’s own special ambiance, with the spectacle of gun-toting Basque Separatists at the airport during their arrival, and playing the arena floor of this bullring. Anyway, they played the show and towards the end, got this loop going and then they both left the “stage” and retired to an enclosure from which they could see the crowd through some shutters. As Eno peered out at the crowd he was noticed.  The next thing that happened was that this fellow came up and pulled aside the shutters and said in a U.S. drawl “Hey guys ! Is the show over ?” to which Eno replied “Well it is for us, but not for you”

Posted by Brad Laner
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