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‘Get Crazy’: A rock satire starring Malcolm McDowell, Lou Reed, John Densmore and Lee Ving
03:19 pm


Get Crazy

1983’s Get Crazy, directed by Allan Arkush (Rock And Roll High School) is one of the few rock movies that get the energy right. It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with reality, but so what? The best movies about the devil’s music are often the goofiest.

Things go off the rails in this good-humored farce about a chaotic New Years Eve concert at a Fillmore-like venue where no one seems to have a handle on what the fuck is going on. Malcolm McDowell is a riot as the Mick Jaggeresque rock star Reggie Wanker, as is the rest of the saavy cast, including Lou Reed, John Densmore, Lee Ving, Howard Kaylan and Derf Scratch - all displaying the “been there, done that” aura of men who’ve been in the rock ‘n’ roll trenches and come out smiling.

Before getting into making films, Arkush worked at the Fillmore East, so he knows the territory.
Get Crazy is silly fun. Enjoy.

Posted by Marc Campbell
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