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Hair-raising: Chief White Eagle flies through the air by the strength of his hair
08:38 am


Chief White Eagle

Chief White Eagle had a damn fine head of hair, in fact he described his locks as being “stronger-than-steel.” Which was probably true, as Chief White Eagle, from Ponca City, Oklahoma, had quite an amazing stunt, where he would fly through the air, whilst being suspended by his long, lustrous follicles from the undercarriage of a bi-plane. He performed this stunt with the legendary 13 Black Cats, a daredevil flying team, famed for their heart-stopping aerobatics.
If flying by the hair was not impressive enough, the Chief also jumped from planes with only a parachute tied to his locks. Alas, it all ended badly, as one day the great daredevil’s hair failed to hold his weight whilst attached to a plane, and Chief White Eagle fell to his death. Now that really is a “bad hair day.”

Here you can see Chief White Eagle performing his famous hair-raising stunt, as filmed by Pathe Newsreel in the 1920s.


Posted by Paul Gallagher



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