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Truly modern (and yet…): Hand-carved ‘glitch’ furniture made from wood
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Ferruccio Laviani
Truly modern (and yet…): Hand-carved ‘glitch’ furniture made from wood

I’ve never seen anything quite like this before: A beautifully hand-carved glitch-style storage unit titled “Good Vibrations” by architect and designer Ferruccio Laviani.

Echoes of faraway places and Oriental elements are glimpsed in the “disorienting” design of this storage unit, which seems to have been “deformed” by a strong jolt or by swaying movements. Although it appears to depart from the aesthetics of the past, in fact it draws upon ancient knowledge in the use of carving and fine wood workmanship.

The appeal of this extraordinary piece of furniture lies in its ability to overturn and question classical stylistic principles such as purity, cleanness and symmetry, while evoking a comforting feeling of deja-vù and a sort of primitiveness, matched by unquestionable craftsmanship.

You can read more about Laviani’s piece here.

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Posted by Tara McGinley
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