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Hannah Moriah: Paper Wings
05:03 pm

Dangerous Minds pal Chris Musgrave shot and directed this extraordinarily intimate music video for a song called “Paper Wings” by newcomer Hannah Moriah. This is my first exposure to Hannah and her music and I’m duly impressed!

Here’s what Shannon Corr wrote about her:

Listening to Hannah Moriah sing is both mesmerizing and disconcerting. Hannah’s voice is haunting and carries a delicate tone with note subtleties that at times are but a whisper.  Her high register is captivating. Hearing its fragile inflection will have you expecting a break in tone, but it stays true throughout.  Angelic and elegant, her vocals seem aged beyond her years. She drops to a smokey resonance while ending a word, setting a mood for what could be the end of the world or the soundtrack to a dreamscape. The perfect companion to a David Lynch film.

I’ll buy that. Chris promises another video is on the way soon. Not to sound like Ed McMahon or anything, but I think we’ll be hearing a lot from this talented young lady in the future! (That did sound just like Ed McMahon, didn’t it?)

Posted by Richard Metzger
05:03 pm
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