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Heavy Meta: Clueless preacher misunderstands ‘Wonder Showzen,’ hilarity ensues!
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Wonder Showzen
Heavy Meta: Clueless preacher misunderstands ‘Wonder Showzen,’ hilarity ensues!

This is so fucking genius: A redneck preacher by the name of Pastor Daniel Castle rails against Wonder Showzen, MTV’s infamously evil twin parody of Sesame Street, but he seems to think that it’s a real kids show, adding a bonkers meta-commentary that had me in stitches. It’s so absolutely perfect that I wondered if the Wonder Showzen producers had actually made it themselves. If they had, it would be like a perfect Russian matryoshka doll of piss-yourself funny multi-layered sacrilegious satire. Eventually I concluded that even those evil geniuses probably couldn’t have come up with this. It’s simply too real.

The top YouTube commenter nails it:

The addition of a sincere & oblivious commentary of outrage by a fundamentalist preacher to crowd of yokels shoves this to a A+ skit.  If I worked at Wonder Showzen I would add this as a special feature on the DVD and double the price. 

What about having Pastor Castle do an entire commentary? I’d re-buy the Wonder Showzen DVDs again in a heartbeat with that added!

The goofball who posted the clip, “savedbyjesusblood” described it like this:

Clips of MTV’s evil TV show “Wonder Showzen” explained by Pastor Daniel Castle. This is one of the most evil shows and spiritual exploitation of children I have ever seen.

He obviously doesn’t get it either…

Below, the first episode of Wonder Showzen, one of the most perverse and subversive things ever funded by a major corporation

Via Christian Nightmares/The Daily Banter

Posted by Richard Metzger
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