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Hellfire: A collection of demonic pipes and bongs
11:16 am


Hellfire: A collection of demonic pipes and bongs

Red Horny Devil Glass Pipe by Big Tom Glass
Don’t even ask me how on earth I got lost looking up “demonic pipes,” but somehow I did. I found the absurdity in a few of these funny and I couldn’t stop searching for more. I mean, that devil pipe with the lady is rather, um, er… ornate isn’t it?

Anyway, I tried to locate where to purchase these if you just gotta own one. The links of where to buy are under each image. The prices can range anywhere from $20 to several hundred bucks.

“El Diablo” glass bong mask by Etai Rahmil

Two men Bong Devil

Salt Dry Demon Pipe

Vintage Satan Pipe on eBay


By Ozbongs

By Genius Glass Works

Devil Bubbler Pipe

Devil Bong

Found on Etsy

Demon pipe on Etsy



Get him here

Posted by Tara McGinley
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