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Holy Moly! The BIGGEST pile of vinyl records you’re ever going to see
01:45 pm

Pop Culture


What you’re looking at isn’t a hoarder’s home, but a neglected record warehouse photographed by Frédéric Thiphagne back in 2009.

Thiphagne was sworn to secrecy as to the warehouse’s location in order to take these jaw-dropping shots. Unfortunately, the warehouse and its contents were destroyed two weeks after the photos were taken. Bummer.

Thiphagne writes on his blog:

“Those pictures, which are the only one existing from that place, should be seen as the illustration of that dream, of the biggest fantasy of every record digger.”

Indeed. Why were all of these beautiful pop culture artifacts just destroyed?



See more amazing photographs at Thisphagne’s blog Les Mains Noires.

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Posted by Tara McGinley
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