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Holy rollers: Church transformed into psychedelic skate park
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Okuda San Miguel
Holy rollers: Church transformed into psychedelic skate park

The Church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias, located near the northern coast of Spain, had been in disrepair for years until a group of concerned individuals formed a collective called the ‘Church Brigade’ and secured funding to transform the stately house of worship into a psychedelic skate park using murals by Okuda San Miguel.

The church was originally designed by Asturian architect Manuel del Busto in 1912. Church Brigade used crowdfunding strategies but also secured a grant from Red Bull. The public skate park is now called Kaos Temple.

The transformation took place in early December. My favorite bit from the project description is “Time flies, do not think and get involved.”












Here’s an interview with Okuda San Miguel about the project. By the way, the word they translate in the subtitles as “fabrics” actually denotes “factories”:

via Bored Panda

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