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IKEA’s Expedit line is biting the dust, and vinyl nuts aren’t happy about it
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IKEA’s Expedit line is biting the dust, and vinyl nuts aren’t happy about it

IKEA recently announced that they are discontinuing their Expedit line of bookshelves—at least in Germany—and the news has sparked an intense reaction among German vinyl enthusiasts. For a generation now, Expedit has been the shelf of choice for record collectors, who don’t care to imagine life without the line. It seems to be the case that IKEA product lines are not specific to countries—if that’s true, then that probably means that IKEAs in America will also cease carrying the Expedit line soon, too.
Since mid-January there has been a Facebook group dedicated to saving the Expedit. “Rettet das Ikea Expedit Regal” (Save the IKEA Expedit bookshelf) has already amassed 5,820 “likes” in just over a month. Record collectors united!
“Last chance! We’re always making room for new things. The EXPEDIT series is exiting the product line. Take advantage while it’s still here!”
The Kallax line has been announced as the replacement for Expedit. It is a close match to Expedit and will certainly do a fine job holding your LPs. However, if you already have Expedits in your home and need your next shelf to match, you’d better stock up now. The user “soundscope” on the message forum pointed out that the sides are not nearly as thick. Even worse, a Facebook user on the “Rettet das Ikea Expedit Regal” suggested that Kallax has no 5x5 version, which Expedit does offer.
All things are temporary in this life, including mass-produced bookshelf lines. As the Sufi poets of medieval Persia once said, “This too shall pass.” But those guys didn’t collect vinyl.

Here’s a useful guide to the Expedit line for record collectors:

via Kraftfuttermischwerk

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