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Kristin Hersh: Rat Girl
03:36 pm


Rat Girl
Throwing Muses
Kristen Hirsh

When it was released in 1986 the first self-titled LP by Throwing Muses was, for me, a huge breath of fresh air. I loved that their songs were episodic with multiple and contradicting sections. It really was quite unusual to hear so-called indie bands do such complex and interesting music back then, so it was love at first listen for me and I’d go see them any time they came through Los Angeles. I tell you this because main muse Kristen Hersh is just publishing Rat Girl: A Memoir which is a look at the period in which the first Throwing Muses LP came together. My copy’s on its way, can’t wait !
Here’s the first song from said LP :

Kristin Hersh: The Interview
Thanks Ned Raggett !

Posted by Brad Laner
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