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Lick my boots: Vintage photos of women wearing kinky boots
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boot worship
Lick my boots: Vintage photos of women wearing kinky boots

A few days ago I posted some vintage photographs of dominatrices in all their dominant glory. But what I really dug about those historical images was… the boots. Those incredible mile-high lace-up boots! I should probably be upfront and confess that I don’t actually know all that much about boot fetishism or boot worship and its history, but looking at the photos, I could easily see that boot fetishism went wayyyyy back. In fact, the first historical reference to boots as a fetish object dates back to Émile Zola’s novel Thérèse Raquin in 1868. I had no idea.

If you dig any of these vintage boots, I noticed that a lot of these are available to purchase on eBay. Sadly, most of the sizes are really small. Women had smaller feet back then, I guess. Still, I’m sure that you can find exact replicas or something similar in larger sizes if you look hard enough.



Nanette Rockwell






Nichelle Nichols AKA Uhura from ‘Star Trek’

Bettie Page






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