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Life-size, anatomically correct chocolate skulls
12:01 pm


Chocolate Skulls

Damn, these are really, really well done! Bravo! Etsy shop BlackChocolateCo. makes these marvelous-looking human skull replicas with 3.3 lbs. of chocolate. If dark chocolate isn’t your thing (I get migraines from the stuff) you can choose whatever type of chocolate you dig and they’ll make one for you. Not that I would eat this, tho. It’s too damned pretty.

The skulls are handmade, finished and then dusted in fine cocoa powder in a sterile environment and will be edible for up to 6 months when kept in a cool, dry area (NOT in a fridge).

If you just want to display it (again, in a cool and dry area), it will practically keep forever (we have one kept in a glass box on our book case).

Each skull will set you back around $120.00 + shipping.


Via Geekologie

Posted by Tara McGinley
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