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Love is more than words: Seldom seen footage of Arthur Lee and Love, live 1970
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Arthur Lee

As anyone lucky enough to have seen the late, great Arthur Lee in performance can tell you, it was a very special experience. I saw Arthur perform three times myself, including an early 90s gig at a biker bar in North Hollywood where the electricity went out and he did a candle-lit “unplugged” set. Pure magic. The entire audience was grinning from ear to ear. I also saw one of his initial post-prison comeback shows, an emotional triumph that saw grown men weeping tears of joy.

But sadly, as Arthur Lee and Love fans know, there is almost no footage—as in nearly none—of the original, classic Love line-up. There’s an American Bandstand lip-sync of “My Little Red Book” from 1966, but most television outlets had no use for a multi-racial rock group at the time. As with the Velvet Underground, Lee’s most vital and creative years were almost completely undocumented on film and video. Somehow it just slipped through the cracks.

The Four Sale era incarnation of Love with Gary Rowles, Frank Fayad & George Suranovich was shot live in Copenhagen on March 12, 1970. Not the same musicians, save for Lee, who recorded the classic Forever Changes album, but who’s going to complain about vintage film footage of Arthur Lee? There is also some brief B&W video that’s surfaced of the same band at the Fillmore West.

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Posted by Richard Metzger



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