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Love’s iconic ‘Forever Changes’ album art as a duvet cover
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Forever Changes
Love’s iconic ‘Forever Changes’ album art as a duvet cover

This is one of those things I found by accident looking for something else. I don’t exactly know how or why it came into my view. But here it is.

If you’re a superfan of Love’s iconic Forever Changes album, might I tempt you with this awesome duvet cover? I know it’s kind of strange to see it as a duvet cover, but I totally dig it.

The duvet is available through Rebubble. It comes in three different sizes ranging from twin to king. Depending on what size you choose, the price does change.

The material is a brushed polyester printed topside with a soft cotton/polyester off-white underside. Instead of buttons on the duvet cover, it has a concealed zipper. It’s also machine washable.

It’s definitely a conversation piece and as The Dude would say, “That duvet really tied the room together, did it not?”


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Posted by Tara McGinley
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