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‘Magnetic Man’ breaks world record for holding spoons on his body
06:58 am


Etibar Elchyev

Meet the “Magnetic Man”: Etibar Elchyev, a Georgian kick-boxing coach, who set a new world record on Saturday by “holding 53 spoons on his body.”

Two years ago, Elchyev set the world record by sticking 50 spoons to his body.

For an encore, “Magneto” Elchyev also pulled a Mercedes attached to his chest by a rope for 30-seconds, and a metal sheet with a teenage boy seated on it.

Elchyev described his next world-breaking attempt:

“When the time comes I am going (to move) an airplane, then an empty train carriage, something like this, I won’t reveal all my cards at once.”

Some skeptics claim Mr. Elchyev’s powers have nothing to do with magnetism, but are due to the stickiness of his skin. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Via ITN News and Arbroath

Posted by Paul Gallagher



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