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Man who thought he was slapping an opossum actually slapped a porcupine
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Antonio Rodrigues Mororó, 50, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was left with over 400 quills in his hand after trying to slap what he thought was an opossum which turned out to be porcupine.

Mororó was having a party at his house and a female guest said she was too afraid to enter his home because the animal was sitting near the stairs.

So, in a bid to remove it, Mr Mororó slapped the animal, resulting in him receiving a handful of quills. He was taken to the Emergency Unit of the local hospital and despite three shots of anaesthetic, the pain continued.

According to neighbors, “the porcupine is still living in the neighbourhood.”

You sir, that’s what you get for going around and slapping animals. I’m sure a loud clap or startling noise would have scared the wee spiky creature off just fine. The Internets shall forever remember you as “The Porcupine Slapper”!


Via Arbroath

Posted by Tara McGinley



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