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Mary Sativa: Acid Temple Ball
01:51 am


This lost gem of late-sixties psychedelic erotica by “Mary Sativa” (har har) documents the sexual exploits of a young woman while on seven different drugs (one after the other). Now that’s proper journalism, about actually important things. Check out this customer review:

Acic Temple Ball describes the loves and lovemaking of a young lady during the very peak of the psychedelic era of the later sixties, the height of glorified sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This book is truly a classic of it’s era. Our heroine in “Acid Temple Ball,” experiences lovemaking while using at least seven different types of drugs popular or available at the time. Her experiences while on LSD and other chemicals is both surprisingly seductive and amazingly accurate and believable and actually well written. Sharon Rudahl, shows her talent as a writer capable of fascinatingly realistic descriptions of feelings and emotions even in hallucenigenic and altered consciousness affected states, even at the young age of 21 when she wrote this paperback. This is clearly a paperback for adults only, something you wouldn’t want even mature young teenagers to read without some adult supervision. Nevertheless, this book is an unique trip into it’s time, focusing on the pleasures and sensualism of a young female during the height of the love generation and her experiences through the use of at least seven different types of drugs in various combinations. I recall reading this book in 1969, the year of it’s first edition. I think my beautiful Sri Lankan cosmopolitan girlfriend gave me a copy (or should I say “turned me on to it”), before she threw me a surprise birthday party in an old historic stone church in the University district of Minneapolis, complete with rock band, light show, and mescaline punch sponsored by the cosmic vendors association. “Acid Temple Ball,” by Mary Sativa, (Sharon Rudahl Peters), is part and parcel of the time, seen through the looking glass and mystic smoke of mind blowing sexual narrative unbalanced by the bummers, by-products and general downers of drug use - but what a trip it was. Sharon Rudahl later was a pioneer of “underground feminist comix” and most recently released the 2007 paperback novel “A Dangerous Woman: the Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman”, which is also well written and has been well received.

(Mary Sativa: Acid Temple Ball)

(Read it for free here!!)

Posted by Jason Louv
01:51 am



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