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Mashable’s Top 10 Most Influential People on Facebook: George Takei, Barack Obama and… ME?
01:53 pm

That’s what they tell me... and who am I to argue?

This certainly caused much laughter around Dangerous Minds HQ, today.

4. Richard Metzger

No other individual has done more to sully Facebook’s name, for better or worse, over Promoted Posts than Richard Metzger.

Metzger became the face of the anti-Promoted Posts crusade after penning a lengthy post on the blog Dangerous Minds accusing Facebook of holding his audience reach ransom for the sake of making a quick buck.

In his Oct. 24 post, Metzger detailed how the Facebook page for Dangerous Minds had been steadily growing in the number of likes. Despite the new followers, the page was reaching less and less of them. Metzger blamed Promoted Posts.

“It’s perhaps the most understated stick-up line in history,” he wrote, “worthy of a James Bond villain calmly demanding that a 365 million dollar ransom gets collected from all the Mom & Pop businesses who use Facebook.”

The company responded by stating the changes were a result of EdgeRank, their ever-evolving proprietary algorithm that aims to bring only the best to a user’s newsfeed. Despite these claims to the contrary, anti-Promoted Posts sentiment has spread. In addition to the aforementioned Metzger and Takei, Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban has also criticized Facebook over the maligned feature.

You’ll note that I placed before both God and Mike Huckabee... just sayin’.
Graphic by Dimitri Drujchin, original photo Guillaume Paumier

Thank you, Kartik Dayanand Boddapati!

Posted by Richard Metzger
01:53 pm
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