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Meanwhile, in post-racial America…
12:43 pm
Meanwhile, in post-racial America…

If you haven’t noticed, that is a row of men’s hair dye from a Wal-Mart Kroger store in Ohio, with only the “Jet Black” option locked in a theft prevention device. Some thoughts:

1) Damn Wal-Mart Kroger! Can’t you be discrete and just continue to dutifully conceal your racism in the most diaphanous shroud of corporate capitalism? I’m disappointed in this transparency!

2) Is that Walt “Clyde” Frazier?

3) (After googling.) That is Walt “Clyde” Frazier! What an amazing product endorsement!

4) Is theft prevention of a $7.24 item even halfway worth it when your company makes over $140 billion a year?

5) Why do men need manly hair dye? Will their dick fall off if they use a hair dye not endorsed with the virility of Clyde Frazier?

6) I hope some one organizes a mass theft of all the non-Jet Black men’s hair dye out of protest.

7) If they were really smart, they’d just separate the Jet Black option in a special “ethnic needs” section of the grooming aisle, making this way less obvious.

EDIT: This was actually taken at a Kroger grocery store, not a Wal-Mart. For shame, I have mis-identified the price tags of the anti-labor corporations sucking the life blood from my native midwest!

Posted by Amber Frost
12:43 pm
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