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Meet Condoman: Comic book superhero advocates safe sex to Australia’s Aboriginal youth
08:25 am


Safe sex

That’s pretty much the long and short of it! (zing)

It’s actually a really impressive campaign. It’s aware enough to know that 1) safe sex campaigns need to be tailored to specific communities, especially with regard to race and class, and 2) safe sex campaigns need to start with age groups that are probably not yet having sex. As some one from abstinence-only middle America, it’s a little mind-blowing to see such a frank effort to destigmatize youth-based sex education.

The campaign started in the 80s with a single comic, but it was apparently so well-liked, the 2 Spirits Project (a queer aborginal sex education group) and Queensland Health just released a second issue with an updated look, and a new STD-fighting partner—Lubelicious. Lube prevents condom rips, folks!
It might look a bit cheesy (and slightly absurd), but the dedication and insight of the activists involved is definitely not in question. Check out the Facebook! They dress up!
dress up

Posted by Amber Frost



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