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Michelle Shocked shows up at cancelled gig looking like a giant condom

Paul Horne uploaded this rather sad video to YouTube yesterday. Michelle Shocked showed up at one of her cancelled gigs in an act of defiance or protest or something. Apparently she was communicating only via Etch A Sketch and no one could be bothered to stop and ask her questions or maybe people were just uncomfortable approaching somebody wearing a hazmat suit, a condom-like cap and black duct tape across her mouth.

Horne describes his video thusly:

Michelle Shocked continues to unravel, showing up to her cancelled show at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz on March 28, 2013. Dressed in white, wearing a shirt that says “Gimme wit not spit” on the back and “Fun/Fag Palliance” on the front. She’s taped her mouth closed and is playing her guitar in the parking lot, to an audience of zero.

I guess this is what happens when even God stops taking your calls.

Shocked is hopping mad in this clip.


Posted by Marc Campbell
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