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Motor City Burning!
11:43 pm



This live footage of the MC5 ripping it up at Wayne State University in 1970 is one of the most scorching live performances you’ll ever see. Guitar slinger Wayne Kramer, dancing like a man possessed, channels Josephine Baker while windmilling power chords like Pete Townsend on whippets. Guitar humping Fred “Sonic” Smith shreds like a sail in a hurricane as Rob Tyner, the hardest working white man in rock and roll, shimmies like a frog on a hot plate: a blue-eyed James Brown whose conk job blew out in the blast from the Marshall stacks.

Five years before the second wave of punk broke, these Michigan rockers were distilling rock and roll to it’s primordial essence. Fuck yeah! This is what I live for.



Posted by Marc Campbell
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