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Multiple dancing Bowies: Beyond bonkers production number from Italian TV, 1978
04:48 pm


David Bowie
Raffaella Carrà

You think just because you’ve seen one totally insane, batshit crazy 70s Italian TV production number that you’ve seen ‘em all?

Guess again. This 1978 clip features the eternally popular Raffaella Carrà (now pushing 70) singing Cole Porter’s “Night and Day” as bald, mustachioed eye-patch wearing sci-fi weirdos, um, assist her.

That’s only the “night” part,  just wait until “day” comes around and the troupe of caped, dancing “Aladdin Sane” clones show up to strut their stuff!

“Gotta make way for the homo superior,” I suppose… Don’t ask what it all means, just luxuriate in the unabashed weirdness of it all…


Via Lady Bunny Blog

Posted by Richard Metzger



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