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‘Murder, She Wrote’ guest star trading cards
02:15 pm


Murder, She Wrote
‘Murder, She Wrote’ guest star trading cards

TV’s Jessica Fletcher, as iconically portrayed by actress Angela Lansbury on Murder, She Wrote, was either the greatest fictional sleuth of all time or else the most prolific uncaught serial killer American television has ever known. I’ve long harbored the suspicion that all of those murders happening in her hometown of Cabot Cove—and whenever she went on vacation (think about it!)—were not a coincidence. Occam’s Razor, people. The simplest explanation is always the best.

For some reason, Dangerous Minds guest contributor Jason Toon decided that the world needed some Murder, She Wrote “guest star” trading cards and took it upon himself to make that happen. As you will see below, he had a lot to work with:

Murder, She Wrote was on for a long time. Twelve seasons, 264 episodes, four TV movies: that’s a lot of dead bodies, a lot of murderers, a lot of witnesses, a lot of innocent bystanders and jilted lovers and wrongly accused rivals. And a lot of special guests to play them.

Some were familiar stars in the twilight of distinguished careers. Others were young nobodies who would someday be somebodies. Because I am a ridiculous man, I’ve made fake trading cards honoring 16 of the all-time greatest.

Collect ‘em all!

















Posted by Richard Metzger
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