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Johnny Carson weighs in on Paul McCartney’s 1980 pot bust
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Paul McCartney
Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson weighs in on Paul McCartney’s 1980 pot bust

Me Wings have been clipped.
This month marks the 33rd anniversary of Paul McCartney getting busted for 7.7 ounces of pot in Japan. A half pound of pot! What was he planning to do? Have a smoke-in with Godzilla and Gamera?

I was out in New York and I had all this really good grass. We were about to fly to Japan and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get anything to smoke over there. This stuff was too good to flush down the toilet, so I thought I’d take it with me.

I didn’t try to hide [the pot]. I had just come from America and still had the American attitude that marijuana isn’t that bad. I didn’t realize just how strict the Japanese attitude is.”

Perhaps Paul’s bag of pot wasn’t the real issue with the Japanese. Maybe they just wanted to fuck with the guy who did this:
After spending nine days in jail, McCartney was released on January 25th.

Johnny Carson had a bit of fun at McCartney’s expense in one of his monologues which aired on January 17, 1980.

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