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Pregnant, naked she-devil statue materializes in Vancouver
09:38 am

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Pregnant, naked she-devil statue materializes in Vancouver

Does the notorious red devil statue that appeared on a pedestal in the Grandview-Woodlands neighborhood of Vancouver last September now have a wife?

If so, it would seem that they are expecting…

On Thursday a statue of a white lady devil who was also visibly pregnant was discovered on top of the Gene Cafe at the intersection of Main and Kingsway in East Vancouver, known as “East Van” to locals. Like its bright red mate from 2014, this she-devil wasn’t wearing any clothes.

The city moved quickly to remove the statue but fortunately, a resident named Michael Mann snapped a few pics of the statue and posted them to his Twitter account.

Last September, the city removed the new statue’s apparent “husband,” and after it was gone, a petition was launched to have the statue reinstalled. That petition received over 2,000 supporters.

The most noticeable feature of the male red devil from last year was his massive erection—many sources on the internet have been shy to show it in its full glory but the curious can see it here.

Here’s the intrepid Michael Mann, in a radio interview after his photographic coup.

via Christian Nightmares

Posted by Martin Schneider
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