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Natural History Surrealist Sculpture: Exquisite dreamlike plant-animal hybrids
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Ellen Jewett
Natural History Surrealist Sculpture: Exquisite dreamlike plant-animal hybrids

An intriguing sculpture by Ellen Jewett.
Based in Ontario, Canada, sculptor Ellen Jewett has done her best to support the rumor that she was raised alongside “newts and snails.” After spending time working as an artist contributing to medical journals and textbooks she soon turned to sculpture as a means to express her deep interest in biology and animals.

Jewett’s sculptures are incredibly intricate and woven together in such a way as to appear inseparable or unified despite their opposing origins. The artist has been quoted calling her work “natural history surrealist sculpture.” Her animal and plant subjects are so lifelike they resemble exhibits shown at natural history museums featuring once living animals in settings made to resemble their former habitat. Jewett’s whimsical sculptures sell for many thousands of dollars when they become available, though you can also purchase stunning prints of her unique animal and plant hybrids at her Etsy shop. I’ve included images of a large number of Jewett’s beautiful works of art below.

‘A feral antiquity.’

‘The complexity of our task at hand.’

‘The curious starling.’








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