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Neo-Nazi Black Metal murderer Varg Vikernes arrested, suspected of terrorist plot
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Varg Vikernes
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Neo-Nazi Black Metal murderer Varg Vikernes arrested, suspected of terrorist plot

He used to look like this…
In 1993, Varg Vikernes, onetime bassist for Black Metal band Mayhem, stabbed their guitarist, Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, to death. Vikerenes maintains to this very day that the murder he committed was self-defense, but his description of the events leading up to the altercation is completely deluded, and everyone related to the event is fairly content in the fact that Vikernes is a violent psychopath, completely capable of murder. And of course, there’s that little damning detail that he had recently been convicted of burning down a few churches, which really doesn’t speak to your character.

After 15 years in a Norwegian prison, Vikernes’ “politics” gravitated more formally to neo-Nazism (surprise!), specifically the Nordic style national socialism that tends to fester in the black metal scene. Now he’s been arrested on his farm in France (where he has three children) on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack. The red flag was the purchase of four rifles.
And now he looks like this. European arms-stockpiling neo-Nazis can look just like American arms-stockpiling neo-Nazis—who knew?
Now, four legally purchased rifles may not seem like a lot to American ears (what with our penchant for arming batshit crazies to the teeth), but when you consider a previous record of, you know, terrorism and violence, it’s not that suspicious to connect church burnings, murder, and neo-Nazism with the potential for more of the same. If that’s not enough, Vikernes reportedly received a letter from terrorist Anders Breivik, the terrorist who in 2011, bombed a government building, and two hours later opened fire at a summer camp for the youth league of a Norwegian socialist party. He killed a total of 77 people.

Vikernes actually wrote back to Breivik, theorizing that Breivik was actually a false flag orchestrated by Jews, meant to undermine legitimate neo-Nazis:

Working for the Jews, are you Mr. Breivik, to unite all European right-wing extremists under your false banner? To make sure the focus on the Jewish enemy of Europe is moved to something else? Or maybe you don’t even know that you have been used by sinister Jews?

So now not only Christians kill Muslims, and vice versa. Right wing extremists are supposed to kill left-wing extremists too and vice versa I assume? Is that the plan? You did this to recruit and make even the right-wing extremists fight for the Jews?

Who benefits from this? Israel does! The Jews do! None of our aggression will be directed at them were it all should be directed. We will be fighting each other instead, whilst they move about in the background, out of the spotlight, and profit from our suffering, and in secret tighten the chains of slavery around our waists and ankles.

I’d like to think the US could attempt this sort of careful diligence in apprehending our own domestic terrorists, but let’s be honest, gun-wielding psychos are a protected class in this country. Below is a video of Vikernes talking about murdering Euronymous (for a great documentary on the Norwegian Black Metal Scene, check out, Until The Light Takes Us). As you might expect, the dude is fucking crackers.

Posted by Amber Frost
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