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New on ‘My Dad Was in a Band’: My dad was in The Byrds!
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The Byrds
My Dad Was In A Band
New on ‘My Dad Was in a Band’: My dad was in The Byrds!

Clarence White, far left.

The latest from My Dad Was in a Band, the new blog that we’re co-presenting with Drafthouse Films.

Today’s entry comes from Michelle White, daughter of Clarence White, guitarist for second iteration of The Byrds:

I was in diapers so I have lots of glitched memories of walking in rooms with overwhelming loud playing, some were parties (of course I was led quickly right back to bed). I do remember coming to an age where I was pointed out certain licks my father did on the guitar that no one else could replicate…. and at times (I am 47) I am STILL blown away…

Clarence White was cut down in the prime of his life after he was struck by a drunk driver in 1973 at the age of 29. The final song that Gram Parsons wrote before his own death, “In My Hour of Darkness,” was in part a tribute to White.

Posted by Richard Metzger
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