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Nomi Noël: get your holiday jollies with ’Santa Klaus Nomi’
08:49 am
Nomi Noël: get your holiday jollies with ’Santa Klaus Nomi’

As ridiculous single-serving Twitter accounts go, “Santa Klaus Nomi” is worth a look. A holiday-themed send-up of the great and utterly singular operatic New Wave singer Klaus Nomi, it’s not the most original joke—I dimly recall a Chicago record store running a Santa Klaus Nomi ad in Lumpen 20 years ago, and there must be examples from the ‘80s as well. It’s just too obvious.

Though it was established in 2009, the oldest tweet seems to be from 2012 (posting ramps up around the holidays, surprise surprise), and it was joined in 2013 by a Facebook account, but the latter seems to exist solely for the sake of retweets. The account reactivated yesterday after a months-long spell of infrequent posting, with the following:

That’s pretty much the gist: pseudo-philisophical Christmasy ruminations so densely, elliptically faux-Teutonic as to put Mike Myers’ “Sprockets” sketches to shame. And its parody of that acutely angular and grimly serious post-WWII German expressionist trip is every bit as affectionate and funny as those old SNL bits.









There’s even Santanomi fan art!

The only actual Klaus Nomi holiday music I’m aware of is a rendition of “Silent Night” that comes from Za Bakdaz, an attempted long-form operatic work that was unfinished at the time of the singer’s premature death, and released posthumously in 2007.

Many thanks to Vince Whitacre for this find!

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Posted by Ron Kretsch
08:49 am
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