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‘One of Us:’ Stunning portraits of origami masks

Designer Francesca Lombardi has created a menagerie of haunting origami animal masks, which have been photographed in beautiful black and white portraits by fashion photographer Giacomo Favilla for a series called “One of Us.”

Via the excellent arts blog Yatzer:

Titled ‘‘One of Us’’, the project consists of black and white portraits of people sitting in a vintage armchair, while wearing beautiful origami masks. With the intention creating an impression of an imaginary world, where animal and human natures blend together as one, each mask has been laboriously folded over and over again to resemble a different animal. Be the animal a puma, a rabbit, a crocodile or a cat – they all take their turn in ‘‘being the face,’’ be that temporarily, of a person sitting to have their photo taken where their most striking feature is the fact that they have no eyes – they are in fact stylised blindfolds in the shape of animals.

DM readers in London might like to know that the series will be exhibited at The Book Club beginning on November 28th. Or 28 November, if you prefer.

Posted by Ron Kretsch
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