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Original storyboards from ‘Blade Runner’
12:01 pm
Original storyboards from ‘Blade Runner’

Leon’s reflection in Holden’s eye (Tyrell Corp. interrogation room)

The website Ridleyville is run by an England-based gentleman who is a massive Blade Runner collector. He owns everything that’s featured on his site, including these wonderful storyboards from the film.

According to the owner of Ridleyville:

Work in progress, this is just a few of the FX storyboards I now have. I will not put them all up, but I will certainly add some more over the next few days. I have about a hundred of these as well as some unique documents and some are completely hand-drawn or written originals. I think that these are one of my favourite items.

Wow, around a hundred?!? I’d love to see all of them! If you’d like to view more of his Blade Runner storyboards, visit Ridleyville. It’s worth the look!





Holden’s reflection in Leon’s eye (Tyrell Corp. interrogation room)

Leon with gun



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12:01 pm
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