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Portraits of Alien Abductees
12:45 pm


Alien abductees

“In my dreams I see strange men.” ~ Cami Parker
The Little Sticky Legs blog posted portraits of alien abductees photographed by Steven Hirsch.

“They took my memory away.” ~ Jeffery

“I’ve got to meet numerous types of beings.” ~ Cynthia

“This thing is just hovering in the air.” ~ Steve

“The car was totally immobilized.” ~ Nancy

“You’re on one of the moons of Saturn.” ~ Bruce

“I don’t want to go.” ~ Stephen

“They’re gonna knock me out with that white light again.” ~ Jeanie

“He just kind of vaporized in front of me.” ~ John

“I had a hole in the back of my head.” ~ Lisa
Alien Abductee Portraits by Steven Hirsch

With thanks to Rupert Russell!

Posted by Tara McGinley



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