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Punk’s not dead, but… The Exploited’s Wattie suffers onstage heart attack
06:52 am


The Exploited

Per a report in the Scottish Daily Record, the notorious, mohawk-sporting singer Walter “Wattie” Buchan, of the long-running U.K. punk band The Exploited, collapsed onstage during a performance in Portugal.

Buchan, 57, was taking part in the Tour of Chaos with Hatebreed and Napalm Death at the Republica Da Musica venue in Lisbon when he became unwell.

It is thought the singer will be kept in hospital and the East Kilbride band have cancelled all gigs until at least May. A video from on Thursday night shows Buchan having to stop midway through a song before slumping to his knees.

The Exploited became instantly infamous with their 1980 debut single “Army Life” (Wattie is a military veteran), and unwittingly coined an enduring slogan with the title of their debut LP Punks Not Dead. Controversy continued to find the uncompromisingly anti-establishment band when they released the essential Horror Epics, featuring the song “Maggie,” the single most succinct, direct, and vulgar anti-Thatcher anthem ever crafted. Do I even need to tell you to turn the volume down if you’re at work? Do I even need to tell you just skip it altogether if pottymouth makes you feel faint? I thought not.

Below, an unlikely Top of the Pops appearance from 1981:

Posted by Ron Kretsch



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