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Republican blowhard Pat Buchanan fights back against male-pattern baldness with flaming hairstylist
07:04 am


Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan
I had heard rumors from some of my DC-based friends that right-wing gadfly Pat Buchanan had some super-weird barber who burnt his hair with a match. After hearing the same rumor in the documentary Mansome, a light-hearted flick about male grooming, I had to look it up. Well, lo and behold! Here we have video of DC barber, Pietro Santoro, who burns the ends of his clients’ coifs—or what remains of it—with a match to give thinning hair the illusion of fullness. With no fanfare or introduction, we see the Republican firebrand come in around 1:06 to get some fire applied to what’s left of his hair.

Pietro’s English is a little spotty, and the subtitles, though humorous, aren’t very helpful. However, I personally can actually attest to the efficacy of burning hair! The punk thing to do in my old town was to singe your bangs, which we discovered when trying to light cigarettes on the stove. If your hair was perfectly straight, you got this choppy, fried look—think Siouxsie Sioux. Since my hair has a lot of texture, it gave me dead-on Joey Ramone fringe. Once you got past the fear of burning your face off and got used to the smell of burning hair, you had a quick and free way to get a cool, ragged look!

Who knew Pat Buchanan was so punk rock?

Posted by Amber Frost



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