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Ron Paul in paranoid John Birch Society doc on UN Plot to take over America
07:53 pm


Congressman Ron Paul
John Birch Society

Via Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs:

Andrew Kaczynski has dug up yet another buried video, a 1998 John Birch Society documentary starring none other than Ron Paul — a classic example of far right paranoia and conspiracy theorizing, as Dr. Paul calmly explains that the United Nations is plotting to take over America, create a New World Order, confiscate every red-blooded patriot’s guns, abolish all churches, and replace the US Constitution with the UN Charter.

If you haven’t seen the scans of The Ron Paul Newsletters yet at Et tu, Mr. Destructo? they’re worth a look (someone has even set up a Ron Paul Newsletter Twitter feed, breaking off 140 character bites for your reading pleasure).

Even better is the former staffer who tried to defend Ron Paul against accusations of homophobia and racism and comically ended up doing something else entirely…

Cue the Paulbots to defend their wacky hero!

Posted by Richard Metzger
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