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‘Solo Trans’: Rare Neil Young concert film directed by Hal Ashby
12:58 am


Neil Young
Solo Trans

Solo Trans is an uneasy blend of unfunny skits with a 1984 solo concert by Neil Young in Dayton, Ohio. Neil is in Kraftwerk meets Gene Vincent and Bo Diddley mode with some of the bits feeling downright Daft Punkian.

Solo Trans was directed by Hal Ashby and released on long-out-of-print laserdisc. While it’s not Young at his most sublime, it is an entertaining document of Young at his most whacked-out, unpredictable, contrarian and prophetic. Here’s a rare chance to see it. Thanks YouTube.

“Heart of Gold”
“Old Man”
“Don’t Be Denied”
“I Got a Problem”
“Hello Mr. Soul”
“Payola Blues”
“Get Gone”
“Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me”
“Do You Wanna Dance?

Posted by Marc Campbell



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