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Spanking As Art (NSFW)
01:03 am


Alva Bernadine

English photographer Alva Bernadine creates art that is erotic, surreal, disturbing, provocative….and humorous. Clearly a fan of Guy Bourdin, stag reels of the 1950’s and vintage French postcards, Bernadine seems to have his tongue firmly planted in both cheeks.

After being inspired by the famous freeze frame photographs by Harold Edgerton of a bullet passing through an apple and other impact photographs, I decided to experiment myself. I borrowed a sound activated switch from a friend.

The camera shutter is opened up in the dark and when there is a loud enough sound the flash goes off. I shot these with a flash gun at low power because the duration of the flash is shorter than full power. The switch has two adjustments, one for sound sensitivity and another for time delay that you can adjust for maximum impact. A friend of mine was a masochist and it occurred to me to do some pictures with her. She and her partner had came around with a bag of flagellation implements.


Distorted Nudes will be preceded by a random commercial. It could be Honda, Bing, Sprint, Outback Steakhouse… which adds an unexpected layer of bizarreness to the whole experience. We live in unusual times..the era of the mashup, when unexpected juxtapositions alter perception, thus consciousness. William Burroughs would’ve loved it.

The first distorted nude that enters the frame at the beginning of this video really disturbs the shit out me. I think Bernadine could make a chilling horror flick working in this milieu.

Posted by Marc Campbell



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